Amut Group K2022 Düsseldorf








399 mq

The design idea was to present the Amut Group as a composite, articulated, but also complete and unified reality. The booth covers an area of 400 square meters, within which we have included three immersive areas for the presentation of the plastic recycling plants proposed by the company, a lounge area with a bar, and three meeting rooms. The three immersive areas present the products through an innovative mode compared to the industry’s exhibition standards: instead of, in fact, displaying the plants inside the booth, we proposed to present them on large ledwalls through interactive films that allow viewing every single detail of them, thus achieving a significant space – as well as economic – saving, compared to the traditional display mode and, at the same time, allowing AMUT to be communicated as a cutting-edge reality.


In addition to the design and construction of the booth, we took care of the communication, using the large spaces available on the walls of the booth to focus the public’s attention on the relevant and characterizing themes of the company’s offerings, both in terms of product performance and in terms of environmental friendliness. We also declined this last concept in a film that was shown within the immersive areas.